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Channel change in Blackfellow Creek, Lockyer Valley (11610)

Misko Ivezich , Ross Hardie , Dominic Blackham , Elisa Zavadil

Blackfellow Creek is a tributary of the Lockyer River in south-east Queensland. Catastrophic channel adjustment of the creek occurred during the January 2011 and 2013 floods, with bridges destroyed, large areas of farmland eroded and more than 100,000 m3 of sediment transported downstream.

Large-scale creek engineering works occurred after both floods to repair bridges and reinstate access for the local community. These works involved construction of new bridges/culverts and roads, inchannel earthworks and removal of vegetation.

The channel has been destabilised by historic vegetation clearing throughout the catchment and post-flood earthworks to reinstate the road. The ongoing erosion following flood events is having  devastating economic, social and environmental impacts.  Holistic management of the catchment, channel and floodplain should be considered together to reduce theses impacts.

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